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"Blood red water rage. A swarm in the opaque blue. We swarm, fancy each other. What a happy coincidence that we have found each other. We break through all that has been and no longer remember them with indulgence. We make ourselves free. We become free. Our will is earth change. We slip out of the old plastic life and strive towards the sun, which is now also called death. And we scream with rage: at those who look away and take away our future with their ignorance. But now comes our time. The time of the rebels. Now comes our time of compassion."

In the performance "Schwärmen" ("Swarming"), the inclusive ensemble of the Young RambaZamba Theatre stages a play about feelings in the face of the impending climate catastrophe. The young ensemble members developed " Schwärmen" themselves. At the centre of their search for a way to deal with their climate emotions, they place an often despised animal: the carrion-eating hyena. Against the backdrop of man-made climate change, the young actors and actresses ask whether this creature, with its strength, femininity and endurance, can be a symbol for ushering in a new era of the world.

Performance by the Jungen RambaZamba theatre in the Humboldt Laboratory at the Humboldt Forum. Inclusive play/performance by, among others, people with disabilities.

Idea/Concept/Direction: Kirsten Burger

Text: Kirsten Burger, Joy von Wienskowski and ensemble

Stage design: Julia Krenz

Assistant stage designer: Isabelle Rieken

Costume design: Dering van Dieken / Marlene van Dieken, Carlotta Dering

Sound design: Thomas Mahmoud

Sound recording: StudioB

Audio & podcast productions: Björn Roth

Dramaturgical assistance: David Zaldivar

Choreography: Lilly Pöhlmann, Marula Lu Bröckerhoff

Project management: Kirsten Burger

Artistic assistant: Janina Klinger, Pauline Fuchs

Assistant: Lilli Deuster, Jan Kessen, Jule Schweitzer

Kirsten Burger is a mediator, author, theatre director, filmmaker and actress. After studying liberal arts in Vienna, interdisciplinary studies in Hamburg and at the Physical Theater in Berlin, she worked as an actress for various stages, including the Deutsche Oper and the Haus der Berliner Festspiele. Since 2012, Burger has realised theatrical interventions, experimental and essay films in various contexts and with people from a wide range of milieus, cultures and contexts, especially those that are usually not sufficiently visible. Her works deal with socio-critical and socially relevant themes and are characterised by their interdisciplinary and cross-genre approach. Since 2022, she has directed the young section of the Rambazamba Theatre, Berlin, in which young people with and without disabilities work together.

- Premiere: 05.07.2023

- Free admission. Please book your ticket online. Ticket link follows

- Language: German

- from 12 years

- Venue: Humboldt Lab

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