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The most entertaining emergency training ever performed. Here, emergency knowledge can be refreshed and laughed about as Lüder Warnken chats out of the sewing box and tells of his everyday professional life as an emergency physician.

Lüder Warnken
Lüder Warnken Matthias Rethmann

"Yes, I see many terrible things. For example, how the colleague in the ambulance eats the third kebab within 20 minutes. And afterwards licking the tzatziki off the steering wheel."

"Laughing. Learn. Save lives" - with this 3-L rule, the mission of the "Meditainer" is to "make Germany the best first-aid country in the world." Because, if someone collapses in this country, the bystanders only take resuscitation measures in just over 40% of cases, while in Scandinavia around 70% start with cardiac massage.

It is totally simple to do the right thing in an emergency, says Lüder Warnken. And everyone can do it! How do I help in an emergency? Do I take off the helmet of a motorcyclist who has had an accident, or is it better not to? What if I do something wrong?

Lüder Warnken explains in an entertaining way and combines all this with realistic training units suitable for the auditorium. Above all, his program "Shit, an emergency" is an unbeatable combination of practical tips and medical stand-up comedy with plenty of funny and bizarre stories from countless emergency trainings and his assignments as an emergency doctor.

Lüder Warnken comes from Münster and is a comedian and emergency doctor. In addition to his work as an emergency doctor, Warnken gives compact emergency trainings for laymen, practices and hospitals and has been on the road since 2016 with his medical stand-up comedy on nationwide stages, including formats such as "NightWash" and "Komische Nacht".

(Program in German)

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