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The universe is infinite, so are the facets of relationships of any kind and improvisational theater has no limits! Perfect combination!

PLAKAT Samt & Sonders
PLAKAT Samt & Sonders © samtundsonders

It is what it is, says love. And much more!

How do you get along with your parents, friends, children, lovers, pets or neighbors - yesterday, today, the day after tomorrow? How do you feel about your bike, your couch, your favorite sweater... Even sloths, amoebas and trees have a social behavior... And why stay so earthly?! Never been in contact with your guardian angel or heard some deities arguing?

It will be hard & hearty, free & questionable, moving & invigorating - in any case all & sundry!

The improv theater samt & sonders (formerly frei.wild Berlin) makes it possible! Bring your most intimate relationships with you - even if it's only in your handbag.

Improvised, pointed and inspiring!

(Program in German)

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