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Göbel, Hirsch, Zrenner • Zrenner

She seems to have gone into seclusion.She keeps wandering through the house.We think she would benefit from some rays of light.But it’s the light that seems to darken her mood further.The other day she sawed out a trapdoor in her bedroom floor.Alienation at an advanced stage.

hey guys i’m currently out in the great outdoorsit’s been a gloomy few days very cloudy but now today it’s nice and warmuhm i can hear the birdsuhmso i’m choosing lifeinstead of uhm …  uhm … [Pause]i think i’m gonna learn how to ride a bikebecause.. it is so beautiful outsideand…[Music]i don’t knowi used to think the world was an awful placeand that everyone in it is awfuland to an extent that’s somewhat trueuhm butyou know it’s, it’s, it’swhat we were given soi’m gonna take it, i’m gonna take it ontake on the worlduhhm the real worldyou know

I’m going to call this a diary, but of course I know you’re out there. I never intended to keep this to myself. None of this is personal.

It’s a Tumblr blog of a theatre night, as scattered as the Sad Girl herself. Including live music, texts from the depths of the internet, records by mystics, and the most pathetic diary entries: Teenage-Ontology meets Metaphysics.

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Participating artists
Anna Zrenner (Text & Regie)
Ann Göbel (Autor/in)
Paul Hirsch (Autor/in)
Anna Zrenner (Autor/in)
Ann Göbel (mit)
Sodomland (Live-Musik)
Mina Bonakdar (Kostüme)