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Experience Berlin with exciting perspectives on architecture and urban development. The walks are designed by architects and illuminate the background of current construction projects.

Discover the new projects and start-up worlds on a tour along the "Lichtenberg South Coast"! In a breathtaking waterfront location, a new piece of Berlin has been growing for several years in the "Dreiländereck" between Friedrichshain, Lichtenberg and Oberschöneweide. Where ice blocks were once stored and coal was shipped, innovative working worlds, studios and apartments are now being built.

On this guided tour you will gain insights into the history of the area and current plans. In addition to new architecture such as the B:Hub and the City Marina, you will also pass the site of the former Rummelsburg prison, where young families now live. The tour ends at the Spree Studios on the site of the former Flussbadeanstalt Lichtenberg.

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