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City tour

The site of the former Reichsbahn repair shop, "RAW site", is located in the industrial heart of Friedrichshain. Where, with the beginning of industrialization and networking through rail traffic, several stations and their track systems were created, many of which have disappeared today and some have experienced a new use.

The tour shows the now colorful and diverse area directly between the S-Bahn tracks and the residential area on Revaler Straße, which has developed into a hotspot for party culture, the graffiti scene and many other activities over the past 20 years.

But here, too, change is imminent, in the next few years the RAW site will change its shape. What significance does it have today for the neighborhood, for Friedrichshain and for the entire city, also as a tourist highlight?
To round off the impression of the historic Friedrichhainer industrial area, the tour ends on the opposite side at Rudolf-Platz on the edge of today's Oberaum-City.

  • Meeting point: Doner kebab shop on the corner of Warschauer Strasse and Revaler Strasse
  • City guide: Ralph Jakisch
  • For city hikers
  • Cost: €12
  • Aimed at: Adults
  • Program in German
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