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Gob Squad

With “Room Service” the interactive live film genre typical of Gob Squad was born. 20 years after the premiere and at the start of Gob Squad's 30th anniversary year, CFB Berlin, in cooperation with HAU Hebbel am Ufer, is showing the groundbreaking performance for the last time in Berlin.

Four performers spend a sleepless night alone in hotel rooms. Your only connection to the audience in the CFB's city cinema: a video camera and a telephone.

When the doorbell rings, do you answer it?

300 mins
Additional information
Participating artists
Gob Squad (Konzept und Regie)
Johanna Freiburg (Performance und Entwicklung)
Sean Patten (Performance und Entwicklung)
Elyce Semenec (Performance und Entwicklung)
Berit Stumpf (Performance und Entwicklung)
Sarah Thom (Performance und Entwicklung)
Bastian Trost und Simon Will (Performance und Entwicklung)