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Songwriter and singer Ron Pope got his career off to a spectacular start in 2005. His tender ballad "A Drop In The Ocean" became an Internet hit, garnering millions of streams on YouTube and standing at a spectacular 256 million streams on Spotify alone. This man has the power to sing straight to the heart with just guitar and vocals. His last studio album "Bone Structure" was released right before the first lockdown in March 2020 and gave a bit of comfort to many fans.


Now Ron Pope has to leave his adopted hometown New York to convince the world live on his current tour of his qualities. And who knows - maybe he used the tour-free pandemic months to write new songs. But even if not: Then the fans just warm up on his beautiful songs like "Wildest Dreams", "She's Good" and "Legacy Of Sadness" or on favorites like "A Drop In The Ocean", "I'm On Fire" or "One Grain Of Sand".

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