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Verona’s most beautiful nightmare… based on Shakespeare/Ionesco

Tybalt's slaying by her alleged murderer Romeo M. is still fresh. Nevertheless, the Capulet family is planning an elaborate wedding ceremony for their daughter Juliet and Count Paris. Apparently people here have few scruples about swapping the black of misery and sadness for the white of happiness within a very short space of time.

One cannot help but suspect that the Capulets despise Tybalt, who was known for her sociopathic and slightly sadistic tendencies. Juliet witnesses Capulet's storm of pain, says Lady Capulet in an exclusive interview with Boa! “only from stupidity”. According to her mother, Juliet weeps less for Tybalt's death than for the fact that her butcher is alive. Just a bad Romeo. But revenge is coming; every citizen of Verona should not worry about this.

With support from: Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin / ACUD Theater / Cultural Office Frankfurt am Main
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Participating artists
Alina Alonzova
Emily Eichenberg
Vasco Esteves
Jean-Jules Ginter
Christian Kuderna
David Ziller
Fabian Rischow
Sascha Weipert u. a.
Sascha Weipert
Petr Manteuffel