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improvised music and sounds

Richard Scott Solo I Heery & Hochherz at Kühlspot Social Club.

1. Set: SOLO
Richard Scott - modular synthesizer 
Berlin-based creator and performer of forward-leaning electronic and electroacoustic music. Once a saxophonist focused on free jazz and group improvisation, for the past two decades he has been working intensely with a variety of technologies, methods and musical forms. In recent years he has concentrated his energies on creative composition, improvisation and production, with a particular emphasis on analogue modular synthesisers; including those remarkable instruments created by Don Buchla, EMS, Serge Tcherepnin, Émilie Gillet and Rob Hordijk.

Francis Heery - modular Synthesizer/Electronics
Olaf Hochherz -  Drehteller

The musicians share a interest in the sound of Nature and Animals, Acoustic feedback and imitation. Francis' electronics are inspired by speculative bioacoustics and post-humanism. Olafs use of the Drehteller emerged from a search to acoustically create sounds similar to electronic sounds. The duo meets in a mutual imitation of each others inspiration.