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Reading with Dr. Christoph Seidler

Gundel and Christoph Seidler present the book RESTHELDEN IM ABENDLICHT and take a loving and critical look at the frail, distorted and crooked creatures to which people belong or will belong at some point.

RESTHELDEN IM ABENDLICHT brings together self-deprecating and life-affirming observations, portraits, short essays and stories about the ageing of men, about people and society, about the profane and the sublime, the loss of friends and abilities and the pleasure of a fading life, in short: about all the curiosities, catastrophes and colossal insights that ageing has in store.

Date: Thursday, 21.03.2024
Start: 19:00

Location: Peter Edel Educational and Cultural Center
                 Berliner Allee 125, 13088 Berlin

Tickets: €5.00 (plus booking fee) - online, at the ticket store on site and at the box office

(Program in German)

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