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The newly founded quartet of Latin Grammy winner Quique Sinesi takes you on an exciting journey into the world of South American rhythms and new compositions between jazz and folklore.

Latin Grammy winner Quique Sinesi, commuter between Buenos Aires and Berlin, is considered one of the most renowned and prestigious Argentine guitarists. With his new quartet, dominated by plucked and stringed instruments, he walks with relish between jazz and Latin American folklore. Quiques compositions are played by some of the most prestigious guitar players, whereas he earned his reputation as a tango-meets-jazz interpreter. Already at the age of 15, he became permanent member in Dino Saluzzis quintet. His duo recordings and performances with Charlie Mariano were compared with the duo Bill Evans and Jim Hall. For over twenty years he has played together with Pablo Ziegler, legendary pianist of the Astor Piazzolla Quintet.

Quique presents old and new compositions and arrangements with the support of jazz violinist Nana Tarui, bassist Franzi Aller and percussionist Topo Gioia.

Nanaco Tarui is a versatile, highly adaptable professional artist who transfers her joyful human energy to her instrument. Nanaco traveled the world for nearly 10 years, gaining experience with her violin wherever she went, either as a solo artist or in collaboration with other musicians in a wide variety of venues. Her focus is on jazz, but her curiosity and skill allow her to venture into any style from hip hop, R&B, free jazz to classical music on a professional level. Born and raised in Japan, she stays in Tokyo with her main projects and shuttles between her residences in Berlin and Japan. Her solo project bridges the gap between these two worlds and cultures. When performing all alone, Nanaco uses a loop station with beatboxing,midi keyboard and her voice to create expansive soundscapes over which she improvises with her violin.

Franziska Aller has been enthusiastic about playing the guitar since the age of 6. 10 years later she has completely dedicated herself to the bass and makes her experiences in typical jazz formations, such as big bands and combos. In 2011, she began studying music at the Mainz University of Music, majoring in electric bass. One of her teachers is Jesse Milliner, who has a great influence on her as a composer. Currently she is devoting more and more time to the double bass. As a bass player she is active in various formations. Her current focus is on her projects blue lion, which consists of a collective of musicians; Minority, a piano trio with Jan-Felix May and Steve Nanda. In addition, there are pilot projects, among others with the rapper negroman. Their musical openness results in the STEGREIF.orchestra, which can be heard in August with Nils Landgren at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Konzerthaus Berlin and the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival.

Daniel "Topo" Gioa is an Argentine percussionist. The self-taught percussionist migrated to Spain in the 70s, where he first worked before moving to Berlin in 1977, where he has lived ever since. It is impossible to imagine the Berlin as well as the German scene without him; he collaborated on more than 300 albums and accompanied musicians such as Mezzoforte, Cora Frost, Giora Feidman or Lalo Schifrin. On stage, he is a long-time member of the bands of Yvonne Catterfeld and Jocelyn B. Smith, among others.

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