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On September 30, 2023, a pyro spectacle with glittering stars, shining comets and firework blossoms growing into the night-blue sky awaits visitors. Fascination fireworks in its most beautiful variety of effects illuminate the Museum Park in Rüdersdorf.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Pyro Games 2023
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Across Germany, three pyro professionals and their teams will be competing for the golden trophy of the art of fireworks and will light up the evening sky in all the colors of the rainbow with their captivating displays.

They provide spectacular fireworks choreographies in front of a unique backdrop. Sensational pyro effects, exceptional brilliance and the luminosity of the colors in perfect coordination with the music will thrill the audience.

At the end of the evening, the audience will decide who has won the battle in the duel of the fireworkers and will win the winner's trophy.

But the focus is not only on the pyro shows. In addition to the competition with grandiose ground and height fireworks, entertainment and a family-friendly evening program are in the foreground. Live music, walking acts and fire shows characterize the colorful scenery. Oversized stilt walkers welcome the young and old visitors.

As a warm up in the literal sense, the artists of 360GRADEVENT heat up the visitors with their fire games and blazing flame acrobatics. The guys from Stamping Feet bring a real firework of ideas, acrobatics and weird melodies on stage. With their rhythmic sound and their versatile music repertoire, they spread a sparking atmosphere.

Another highlight is the breathtaking light and laser show of the multimedia laser fire artist Jürgen Matkowitz, the owner of Apollo Art of Laser and Fire. Spectators will experience a music-synchronized and spectacular laser show tailored to the Pyro Games, transforming the venue into a visual and musical scenario.

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