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festival for new music and interdisciplinary art events

In September 2021 the pyramidale celebrates its 20th anniversary with in- and outdoor concerts and performances. The festival motto is TRANSITION. In the final concert Irene Kurka, Soprano and the Saxophone quartet will present new music works, including four premieres.

pyramidale#20 © pyramidale / Design: Birgit Schöne

Soprano solo I saxophone quartet

Irene Kurka, Soprano Saxophone quartet

Adrian Tully, soprano sax / Alexander Doroshkevich, alto sax / Claudia Meures, tenor sax / Annegret Tully, baritone sax

Works by Steffen Schleiermacher / Helmut Zapf / Martin Daske / Stefan Lienenkämper / Artur Kroschel PREMIERE / Stefan Hakenberg PREMIERE / Nikolaus Brass / Rainer Rubbert / Thomas Gerwin PREMIERE / Ella Macens GERMAN PREMIERE / Samuel Tramin PREMIERE 

BIZ (Bezirkliches Informationszentrum)
Hellersdorfer Str. 159 / 12619 Berlin / U5 / Bus 197
The BIZ is directly adjacent to the ropeway station Kienbergpark

Free Admission for all festival events. Donations are welcome.

Please note the currently valid hygiene regulations implemented for the control of the COVID-19 pandemic. Access only on submission of a valid confirmation (the so-called 3-G-rule: vaccinated, recovered or tested). For further information please refer to the festival website and/or the pyramidale Facebook Page.  Please register at:

The festival takes place in the framework of the local Monat der zeitgenössischen Musik („month of contemporary music“).
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Participating artists
Irene Kurka Saxophonquartett