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16th Scientific Conference of the Peter Hacks Society

In the 1960s, Peter Hacks developed his concept of socialist classicism. It was based on the assumption that the revolution in the GDR was complete and art was thus relieved of directly operational functions. After the end of the GDR, Hacks did not change course, but remained a defender of socialism - not an unattainable ideal, but real attempts to take steps towards communism.

The direct connection to time in his works became more and more clear during this time, and the artistic means at the same time became more sparse and pointed. The 16th Scientific Conference of the Peter Hacks Society is dedicated to the approximately fifteen years that lie between these two phases of work and which have so far been more difficult to conceptualize.

• Admission: 30 euros / reduced 25 euros / members 20 euros
• Tickets by phone (030) 36 46 64 24 or by email to
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