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or the Condition of the City

The Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge is marking the situation – namely the termination of its tenancy in Kreuzberg by a real estate fund and its enforced relocation – with its first special exhibition on the theme of the city.

Whether investigating the 1920s Neues Bauen movement, international architecture exhibitions, or debates on historicising and industrial building, any examination of modern urban development shows its close connection to the Deutscher Werkbund.

Two “Profitopolis” exhibitions presented in the context of the Werkbund during the 1970s are highlighted. They demonstrate that urban development is political, calling for civil initiatives and criticising real estate speculation and the automotive city, as well as the neglect of historical structures and urban nature.

Looking at the urban space between the museum’s old and new locations reveals how relevant that criticism remains today. The exhibition takes a critical stroll through the area between Kottbusser Tor and Spittelmarkt, localising discourse in it, as well as initiatives and artistic stances towards the contemporary city.

“Profitopolis or the Condition of the City” presents historical and contemporary objects, as well as documents of urban initiatives. They are supplemented with artistic works by Daniela Brahm, Mirja Busch, Martin Kaltwasser, Wenke Seemann, Tracey Snelling, ufo ufo – urban fragment observatory and the ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics.

The exhibition is presented as part of the 50th anniversary of the Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge.

The permanent exhibition opens on 8 November 2024.
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Price: €6.00

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