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fairy tales - really grim!

Once upon a time there was a prince who wanted to marry a princess. A real, real and true princess. What else? But what is this, a real, real and true princess? The princess he finds is not “white as snow” and “red as blood” or particularly delicate and noble… This princess is rather stubborn. And who actually decides who chooses the princess?

A fairy tale about the search and the unusual methods of looking for love, about the way of talking to and about princesses and about a pea or something similar.

The new fairy tale Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen is a rebellion against being a princess. A rebellion against the clichés inherent in fairy tales.

The Hexenberg Ensemble presents a “Hexenberg Special” directed by Laura Esther Wimmer

– not Grimm, but DIFFERENT-en.

Little Red Riding Hood

What a pretty girl, all walking innocence, what could go wrong. Well, everyone was asked to remove this fairy tale from the children's program: upset parents had too much to explain to their children. If you read it aloud, it is quite edifying. Whatever you think about it remains private. But if you carry it out literally, it becomes explosive. Because this wolf actually only has one thing on his mind: Right, grandmother, what did you think? And how does he devour her in bed? That's right: With a single tap, they'll be happy to play it for you. No one, not even the audience, leaves this fairy tale as sinlessly virginal as they entered it. Let yourself be tempted by Little Red Riding Hood, get off the path and discover the wolf in you!
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