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In everyday life, images of war, disease and environmental catastrophes meet immaculate social media glamour worlds. This collision of ambivalences destabilises the understanding of reality beyond the digital. For without a clear separation of fact and fake, the boundaries between reality and simulation blur, not only creating a breeding ground for dystopian conspiracy theories, but also opening up an expanding reach for fake news and deepfakes both inside and outside the screen. Based on this observation, Pia vom Ende explores in her work PrepAir.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: PrepAir. Der wahre Weg zur Erkenntnis
© Pia vom Ende

Der wahre Weg zur Erkenntnis (The True Path to Knowledge) deals with the era of post-truth. In a VR-supported (video) work and spatial installations, she draws on mechanisms and symbols of well-known conspiracy ideological groups, borrows elements from pop culture and operates with literary and art historical references. The artist explores the relationship between primal fears and conspiratorial mechanisms and how these contribute to the formation and disruption of cultural-historical memories through the use of recurring motifs.

As a historically complex place, the Historischer Keller gallery with its labyrinthine architecture is the central starting point for the artistic VR work. Pia vom Ende allows the real space to expand into the digital and grants visitors exclusive access to unknown levels of the cellar. This Deep Dive Down the Rabbit Hole is guided by mystical, cartoonish beings. While "wake-up calls" are sent from the digital otherworld, installations in front of the red brick look like extraterrestrial objects.