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Yasmeen Godder Company

Empathy has to do with movement. Changing perspective, putting yourself in the other person’s position, retracing the feelings of others. Being empathetic means coming closer to each other emotionally, cognitively and socially. This sounds simple, but it has to be practiced as a community.

Yasmeen Godder does so, through group formations and with collective singing which expose the emotional journeys of each of the performers. They try out different gestures of trust and mutual dependence. Godder speaks of “contagious vulnerability”: the possibility of being physically and emotionally moved by other people, time and again.

50 min

Im Rahmen von Tanz im August

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Additional information
Co-production tanzhaus nrwSupported by Rabinovich Foundation, the Israel Lottery Council for the Culture and Arts
Participating artists
Yasmeen Godder (Gestaltung & Choreografie)
Itzik Giuli (Dramaturgie)
Monica Gillette (Dramaturgie)
Ortal Atsbaha (Mit)
Or Ashkenazi / Shuli Enosh (Mit)
Carmel Ben-Asher (Mit)
Ari Teperberg (Mit)
Tamar Kisch (Mit)
Nir Vidan (Mit)
Tomer Damsky (Sounddesign)
Lior Pinsky (Sounddesign)
Omer Sheizaf (Szenografie & Lichtdesign)
Hilla Shapira (Kostümbild)
Omer Alsheich (Produktionsmanagement)
Zohar Eshel-Acco (Administration)
Amina Nouns (Technische Produktionsleitung)
Dorothea Spörri (Technische Produktionsleitung)
Tom Sattler (Bühne (HAU1))
Jörg Fischer (Bühne (HAU1))
Kristof Meers (Bühne (HAU1))
Dominik Stillfried (Bühne (HAU1))
Marc Zeuske (Licht (HAU1))
Boris Meier (Licht (HAU1))
Fabian Boldt (Licht (HAU1))
Ulrich Kellermann (Licht (HAU1))
Louis Rixner (Licht (HAU1))
Friedrich Schmidt (Licht (HAU1))
Marius Bratoveanu (Video (HAU1))
Julia Cremers (Video (HAU1))
Torsten Schwarzbach (Ton (HAU1))
Matthias Kirschke (Ton (HAU1))
Gabi Bartels (Kostümbetreuung (HAU1))