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Celebrating together and shaping the Semra Ertan Garden

Singing, eating, and dancing together can form collective moments of resistance. As the quilombismo philosophy and other resistance movements show, their power lies in breaking through silence and isolation.

The common experience of celebration also has a spiritual dimension: it connects the community with those that have passed and those that are still to come, and can thus be a source of new strength. This workshop encourages one to see celebration and joy as politically transformative.

Participants are invited to dance together, collaborate and use different materials to create objects for the Semra Ertan Garden. In doing so, they will convey their experiences from the workshop and their own understanding of quilombismo to passers-by in Tiergarten and visitors to HKW.

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Meeting point: Counter in the Sylvia Wynter Foyer

Price: €5.00

Reduced price: €3.00