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Feminist Porn Award Europe

Under the motto "SLOW DOWN AND PLEASURE UP", the Freudenfluss network around the renowned sexologist Laura Méritt and Polly Fannlaf celebrates the joy of one's own body and diverse sexualities that go beyond stereotypical ideas and pressure to perform. While others are still thinking about their make-up, their figure or their choice of costume, the sex-positive activists are already having a lot of fun and cordially invite you to take part from October 21st to 23rd.

Nobody questions the compatibility of feminism and pornography anymore. The growing demand for diverse, erotically stimulating representations in which people of all genders consensually live out their desires confirms the initiators in their project.

The public awards ceremony at HAU Hebbel am Ufer is exclusively for adults. It is presented by PorYes icon Laura Méritt and comédienne, presenter and producer Janina Rook. An impressive stage show by Aba Naia accompanies the event. Afterwards, the legendary after-show party "PorYes-Porty - Some like it hot" traditionally takes place, followed by the Sunday panel with the nominees and on Monday by the PorYes Academy at Humboldt University.

The nominees for PorYes 2023 are:

  • Eri Sarmet from Brazil, who connects generations and advocates for the decolonization of the body.
  • Popo Fan, a Chinese filmmaker in Berlin who is dedicated to the relationships between performers.
  • Sex educator Deborah Sundahl, who popularized female ejaculation beyond the United States and was co-founder of the first lesbian porn production.
  • The international Berlin collective Aba Naia, which impresses with outstanding visual representations of sensual pleasure and illustrates how different films are created in people's minds.
  • The French trans-male performer Jamal Phoenix, who sensitively plays with expectations and his own developments.

During the weekend, philosopher Prof. Mari Mikkola from the University of Amsterdam will discuss the importance of consciousness-raising in feminist porn. The discussions also raise the question of how bodies can be decolonized. The panel discussion on Sunday highlights the alternative approaches of the award winners, who focus on enjoyment without a fixed goal and turn away from the standardized performance show.

With the PorYes Award, the Freudenfluss network celebrates alternative approaches, diverse genders and consensual sexualities. The award honors outstanding films or life's work from people of different generations and cultures. Pioneers such as Candida Royalle, Annie Sprinkle & Joseph Kramer, Monika Treut, Shine Louise Houston and queer porn stars such as Jiz Lee, Buck Angel, Bishop Black and many others have already received awards. Adina Pintilie's film "Touch me" also received an award in 2019. The Feminist Porn Film Prize was founded by the sexologist and editor Laura Méritt and the photographer and sex activist Polly Fannlaf. The events are organized by the Freudenfluss network, which is made up of adults who view and want to promote pleasurable sexual development as a fundamental human need.


October 21st, 8pm Feminist Porn Award. Public awards ceremony with the nominees & film clips Stage show with Aba Naia & Janina Rook

Theater Hebbel am Ufer, HAU I

October 21st, 10 p.m. PorYes Party "PorTy like it's hot!"

Forum Factory, Besselstr. 13-14, 10969 Berlin

October 22nd, 7 p.m. Slow down and pleasure up. Panel discussion with the award winners

Sunday Club, Greifenhagenerstr., 10969 Berlin

October 23rd, 7pm Consciousness Raising in Feminist Porn - how can we decolonize bodies? Input from Mari Mikkola & filmmakers

Humboldt University, Lecture Hall 7, Invalidenstr.42, Berlin-Mitte
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