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Author Jürgen W. Müller was born in 1971 and holds a degree in business administration. After his studies he lived in Dortmund, where he worked for the city and an advertising agency. A jobless phase and unusual loneliness showed him the basic idea for the present novel "Pop-up". He's also been a Depeche Mode fan for almost 40 years.

"Pop-up", Bildungsroman

Klaus is twenty-seven and leads a miserable existence. The math student avoids the university and hangs out in his "ego vacuum". When his parents cut off his money supply, he has to act. In a panic, he sublets two rooms: to newly separated father Jeff and trainee Linda. Three people who feel like losers. But the two help Klaus not only financially, but also socially. Klaus carefully gropes his way back into life outside. But then a “bad letter” flutters into his box.

Depeche Mode / Electro / Wave Book

A total of interviews with people from 13 countries, in Europe and overseas. Interviews with: ex-Mute boss Italy, ex-press agent Chris Carr, producer Tim Simenon / Engineers ("Black Celebration" - "SOTU"), visual directors P. Care / B. Griffin (videos, covers), support acts (Tours '83-'98), e.g. Stabbing Westward and Marxman. Band interviews include: The Mission, Ex-member Kraftwerk, Deine Lakaien, Empathy Test, Joachim Witt, Front 242, Forced To Mode, Leæther Strip, Clan Of Xymox, Ex-bandmates von M. Gore / A. Wilder

(Program in German)