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An exhibition by Thomias Radin

In his exhibition POLYCHROME - The Myth of Karukera and Cibuqueira, Thomias Radin presents his newly created mural "The Myth of Karukera and Cibuqueira" in the Wedding Gallery.

With the mural, Thomias Radin weaves a story around the condition of being human, the power of movement, and the ongoing importance of myths for our worldview, and will activate the work through sound and movement as part of an opening ceremony.

The title of the picture is based on the proper names of the two main islands of Guadeloupe.

Curated by Malte Pieper

As part of the exhibition program POLY 2023-24 in the Wedding Gallery in cooperation with KINDL - Center for Contemporary Art
Artistic direction: Solvej Helweg Ovesen
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