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he rock band PLAIINS makes songs full of power and edges, full of character and madness. Alternative rock in the spirit of bands like IDLES, Amyl & The Sniffers or Viagra Boys. Since the successful release of their first EP "DEAD RINGER" in September 2022, Chris (vocals, guitar), Tal (bass) and David (drums) have been playing at the top.

In terms of content, the band deals with classic themes such as love, longing and mental health, but also with political content such as social justice and corruption. Their single "Polidicks" holds up an ironically exaggerated mirror to the political elite and denounces the lust for power and mendacity. PLAIINS give unfiltered space to all emotions, whether in their music, their music videos or their live show.

Formed in Hamburg in 2021 by Chris from Hong Kong/UK and Tal from Israel, the band has been working tirelessly since completing their line-up, releasing one single after the other. Their first singles, summarized on the "DEAD RINGER" EP, stand for their early, hard and powerful sound, which they have since enriched with new influences. On their singles “Chelsea Smile” or “Wooha! (Speak Easyyy)" next to pushing punk beats and deep rock guitars also great melodies and playful indie moments.

With numerous successful releases, in a short time around 200k streams, the young band was able to gather a large fan base behind them. With the release of her second "PUPPET" EP and the big tour in autumn she will win more fans.

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