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An interactive installation by Miriam Tscholl with two actors, 30 experts and 30 monitors on the subject of pigs.

The pig. It stands for happiness and serves as a swear word. Biologically incredibly similar to humans, it is far from being pampered as a pet. We lead it to the slaughterhouse in a highly efficient manner so that we can have peaceful barbecue evenings. What is the future of the pig? And what is our position on it? Where does a social consensus become noticeable?

Factory farming, climate catastrophe, 1.5 degree target - all sound familiar, don't they? But the question is, do we translate this knowledge into action, individually and socially?

In PIGS, 30 spectators meet 30 experts in the field of pork in a digital installation: butchers, agricultural politicians, climate activists, farmers, consumers and many more. Live, two actors negotiate their ambivalent relationship to meat consumption with the audience in a process between digital infotainment and democracy game.
Additional information
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Participating artists
Miriam Tscholl (Konzeption und Inszenierung)
Bernhard Siegl (Bühne und Kostüme)
Michael Kleinhenn (Videoproduktion)
Georg Werner (Audiovisuelle Gestaltung und Programmierung)
Polly Lapkovskaja
Matin Soofipour Omam (Dramaturgische Begleitung am Theater an der Parkaue)
Amrit Walia (Künstlerische Vermittlung am Theater an der Parkaue)
Jakob Kraze
Andrej von Sallwitz