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The redhead has turned into a silverhead. After more than sixty years of professional experience, the well-known actor pours out a full bag of the best theatrical anecdotes in which living and deceased colleagues celebrate a return.

Peter Bause has shone in countless theater and film roles, from Goethe's »Faust« to »Milkman Tevje«. With a lot of humor and charming understatement, Peter Bause tells about his life as an actor and about a great era of German theatre.

»Depending on my sympathy, people said about me maliciously, enviously or respectfully: He sings and dances like a sore thumb in every hallway!«

Peter Bause writes about his life as an actor with subtle irony and understatement. This »motley dog« leaves no doubt about one thing: the theater is the basis for his diverse work, theater as he learned it from scratch and in which he invites his readers to see the whole world with stories told with spirit.

(Program in German)
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