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Children's theatre

Peter spends his holidays with his grandfather, but soon the boy gets bored of playing in the garden and wants to go outside. But his grandfather warns him that there are many dangers lurking outside, especially the big grey wolf. But children like Peter are not afraid of the wolf. He also has friends, the bird, the cat and the duck, who will help him to catch the wolf.

This story is realised with wolf songs and play-along activities. The action guide for kindergartens on the subject of wolves from NABU is incorporated into the story, influences the ending and offers a child-friendly and modern approach to the subject of "wolves".

  • Performed by the theatre "Toll und Kirschen"
  • The theatre plays: Julia Krüger

For children aged 3 and over and the whole family!

Date: Sunday, 04.02.2024
Time: 16:00

Location: Peter Edel Education and Cultural Centre
                 Berliner Allee 125, 13088 Berlin

Tickets: €8.00 (+ VAT and postage)- available online and at the box office

(Program in German)

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