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Researched by restorers

While on one hand light is necessary for the viewer to experience the artwork, on the other hand it provokes an irreversible colour change causing a loss in its aesthetic qualities. White paper, even the kind considered stable, is affected by radiation-induced change, most easily recognizable as either darkening or fading.

Micro Fading Test (MFT) has by far become the most popular instrument for determining the light sensitivity of prints, documents, drawings and books for exhibition display. However, white paper as the global substrate of these objects so far has been given scant attention in MFT research. In this study, MFT is applied to a series of selected papers considered relevant for their characteristics, use and composition. The MFT results are then compared with artificial light ageing data of chamber ageing and natural ageing in different illumination settings.

The lesson will be held in English.

Speaker: Giulia Vannucci, Rathgen-Forschungslabor

Free admission.

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