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BA Graduation Work

It's nearly the end of the match and there's one final corner. A group of players are ready and waiting for the ball to arrive. They wait. They are waiting still, but the ball never comes. How does this end?

A work that brings together body and voice as the performers find themselves enchanted by oblivion, rehearsing moments that might never arrive, celebrating goals they maybe achieved, driven by a propulsive club beat that is vaguely remembered.

Calling to the void whilst imploring the earth, the performers look to simultaneously lose oneself in the collective and locate a sense of self in the mass. Engaging in fractal tactics in search of the illogical conclusion, is the answer to oblivion oblivion?
Additional information
Performers: Anton Gerzina, Maria Olla Herce, Milena Luise Stein, Nina Wesemann, Melissa Ferrari, Safete Mochave Mentors: André Uerba, Jasna L. Vinovrški, Diego Agulló, Frauke Havemann

Costume: Fiona Bewley

Light Design: Dani Paiva de Miranda

Special thanks: Sophia Obermeyer, Berghain

Feeling that movement could be closer to the thing than words, emeka ene swapped poetry for dance, enrolling at HZT Berlin. In this time, he has worked with choreographers including Jefta van Dinther, Renae Shadler & Sheena McGrandles. He is interested in agency in a chaotic world, dancing as a way to interrogate decisions and conditions. He is also guitarist and singer in the post-punk band Clear History.