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Stylistically located somewhere between chansons, charts and musical cabaret, Pasquale Aleardi and the Phonauts enthusiastically make music with numerous instruments and creative effects. Aleardi, a full-time actor and known to many above all as "Inspector Dupin," devotes himself here as a singer and performer passionately to anti-depression music.

Pasquale Aleardi & die Phonauten
Pasquale Aleardi & die Phonauten © Aleardi

In the phonauts Spike and Mary, two sound sailors of the modern age, he finds musically full-blooded comrades-in-arms in the good-humored parade for regaining inner contentment. However, during the implementation of their plan to achieve perpetual happiness for all and sundry, human weaknesses and idiosyncrasies of the 3 come to light, which are as a matter of course shamelessly and mischievously trampled on in front of the audience. But before envy, malice and obstinacy threaten to poison the stage climate, they are charmingly drowned with another tonal masterpiece.

Thus, the show of the three gentlemen resembles the life of a musician who knows how to dispel his gloom every day with the power of music. Happiness cannot be promised or even guaranteed, of course, but the way to it is at least pointed out, so that the guests carry a smile home inspired and perhaps wonder how quickly two hours can pass.

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Schlosspark Theater