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The East German rock & soul band of superlatives PANTA RHEI only existed for a short four years before reunification. In contrast to other bands in the former GDR, which re-formed after reunification and started producing records again, PANTA RHEI never made a comeback, and at the time it was unimaginable without singer Herbert Dreilich and drummer Frank Hille, who had already passed away.

PANTA RHEI co-founder Henning Protzmann founded a new version of the band with a new line-up in 2015.

Band cast:

  • Henning Protzman
  • Ben Mayson
  • Matthew Hessel
  • Michael Lehrman
  • Carsten Gradmann
  • Stefan Schätzke
  • Semyon Barlas
  • Lars Juling

Special Guest: Dieter `Maschine` Birr
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