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mit Iveta Apkalna (Organist in Residence)

The Latvian Iveta Apkalna is considered one of the leading organ players worldwide. She studied piano and organ at the J. Vitols Music Academy in Riga and continued her studies at the in London and Stuttgart. Iveta Apkalna currently lives alternately in Berlin and Riga with her family.


  • Naji Hakim - Bagatelle (dedicated to Iveta Apkalna)
  • Ēriks Ešenvalds - Fantasia (dedicated to Iveta Aplalna)
  • Dariusz Przybylski - "Miroirs Mystiques"
  • Pēteris Vasks - "Hymn" (dedicated to Iveta Apkalna)
  • Intermission
  • Johann Gottfried Müthel - Fantasia in F major
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Pastorella in F major BWV 590
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - "Now come, the heathen savior" - chorale arrangement BWV 659
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Chaconne from the Partita for Solo Violin in D minor BWV 1004, arranged for organ by Matthias Keller

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