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This entertaining organ concert on the "Queen of Instruments" is fun for children and adults alike!

The organ is also called the queen of instruments. It is the largest instrument and can play the lowest and highest, the loudest and softest notes.

To do this, the organ has what is called a stop, which means a row of organ pipes of the same timbre that can be switched on or off as a unit.

The organist Raymond Hughes, who comes from the USA, demonstrates the sonority of the instrument with his playing on the organ in the Nikolaikirche Museum.

His short concert shows children that organ music does not have to be boring. And those who still don't understand the registers can see and be shown how to play the organ on the spot.

  • Johann Sebastian Bach | Prelude and Fugue in D major, Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis 532
  • François Couperin | "Offertoire sur les grands jeux" (Offertory on the great games) from "La Messe pour les Couvents" (Mass for the monasteries)
  • César Franck | Choral in A minor
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