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Rehearsal visit and conversation

The OPERNWERKSTATT brings the audience into conversation with directors, conductors, singers, with the director of studies, dramaturgs, theater makers. Each appointment begins with a visit to a scenic or musical rehearsal. After a look into the workshop, the developing project is presented and questions are answered. So that everyone can see what moves the team.

Opernwerkstatt © Stephan Bögel

Every day, around 550 permanent employees and many guest artists work on, in front of and behind the stage to ensure that the Deutsche Oper Berlin "goes wild" and that the audience leaves the house richer in unforgettable impressions.

All of them cannot be presented at once in the OPERNWERKSTATT series of events. But those who visit OPERNWERKSTATT regularly will gradually get to know them: the clever minds behind opera as a total work of art, the dreams, thoughts, feelings and ambitions associated with it.

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