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workshop & vernissage

Stella and Lino from the non-profit think tank Reinventing Society invite you on an interactive journey through time into a desirable future - which is green, fun-loving and progressive.

They begin with an introduction to the importance of positive visions of the future and their impact on our daily actions. There will also be insights into images of the future from the year 2045 to get ideas of what a sustainable world could look like. How does a society feel when we have made the turn? What will cities look like in 2045? How does everyone live together without exploiting the earth?

Through playful exercises, vision methods and exchange, you will be able to sense your own vision, which can serve as orientation in a complex world. You will learn a methodology to activate your creativity and find out where your place in this world would be. What would be your vision for your living environment? How can you live your potential?

The background to this event is the newly published book "Future Images 2045: A Journey into the World of Tomorrow", the motivations of which Stella and Lino will also take you with them.

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What is an Open Lab evening?
Have you always wondered what design thinking is, how a 3D printer works and how a robot is programmed? And what exactly does all this have to do with the future? Then you've come to the right place in the Futurium Lab! Every Thursday we invite you to get to know methods and tools for shaping the future together with our creators and to develop new ideas for the future in workshops.

Workshop management
Stella Schaller is a companion in transformation processes, be it on an individual or organizational level. As a co-founder of the Reinventing Society, she leads holistic training courses, series of seminars and innovative projects for the socio-ecological transformation towards a regenerative society. She is co-author of the new book "Zukunftsbilder 2045".

Lino Zeddies is the author of the book "Utopia 2048" and a social developer, utopian and transformation companion. After life stages as a plural economist, monetary reformer, organizational developer and coach, in which he dealt intensively with social and internal transformation, his work is geared towards regenerative social development.

  • Venue: Workshop Futurium Lab (basement)
  • Admission: free of charge
  • Event language: German
  • Max. number of participants: 30 people
  • Conditions of participation: no prior knowledge required

Photo & Video
Photos and videos will be taken during the event. If you do not want to be pictured, please let us know in advance.

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(Program in German)

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