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Workshop - Future Tools Series

In this workshop you will learn important basics for implementing your own 3D printing projects. Using a small lettering as an example, we will demonstrate how you can create your own 3D print designs with TinkerCAD and print them on the Ultimaker 2 with the help of Cura. Join us and become a "digital maker" in no time.

KEY VISUAL Open Lab Abend
KEY VISUAL Open Lab Abend futurium

The 3D printer and materials for experimenting can be used for free on site. Bringing your own laptop is an advantage for developing your own design. Dropping by on the spur of the moment? Don't worry, we have laptops on site.

→ What is a 3D printer?
→ 3D printing materials: what materials can you print with?
→ How do I create a design?
→ 3D printer instruction - safety first!
→ Tips and tricks

The Education Innovation Lab is a think&do tank. In close exchange with experts, teachers and students, they create learning environments that enable critical thinking and active design of a sustainable future.

Junge Tüftler is a non-profit organization with the goal of empowering people to use digital tools to actively and sustainably shape the world. Since 2016, the team of Junge Tüftler has grown into a colorful team of experts from the fields of education, design, computer science, music and of course making & coding and many more. This diversity enables them to develop innovative formats and content and put them into action.

→ Venue: Futurium Lab workshop (UG).
→ Admission: free of charge
→ Event language: German
→ Max. Participants:inside number: 20 persons
→ Conditions of participation: no previous knowledge required

Registration is required - secure your spot! Registration is a two-step process. After entering your personal data, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. This link is active for 30 minutes. Only after you have clicked this link and confirmed online, your registration is complete.

(Program in German)

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Photos and videos will be taken during the event. If you do not want to be pictured, please notify us in advance.


Futurium is for everyone! The Futurium wants to be accessible to everyone. If there are any other access needs on your part, feel free to share them. Every effort will be made to meet them:

Here you can find all the information about accessibility