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10 years of ONAIR! A decade of vocal pop in the fast lane, with over 600 concerts on three continents in twelve countries, a total of eleven international awards and eight released albums!

Reason enough for ONAIR to look back with gratitude and celebrate their "10-year anniversary" with an anniversary concert in their hometown Berlin! Even after 10 years, this band keeps reinventing itself. At the beginning of 2023, they dared to take the step from a quintet to a quartet in order to re-explore the incomparable a cappella sound of ONAIR as a foursome and to travel together into new worlds of sound.

For the first part of their anniversary concert, the four have invited their former bandmates and founding members Stefan Flügel and Kristofer Benn, with whom they will sing heartfelt songs from four programs together.

The second part of the evening belongs entirely to the future, because for the first time you can hear songs from the new vocal pop show "New Born", which will celebrate its Berlin premiere in a few months - by the way, also in the Wühlmäusen! Look forward to an a cappella pop concert full of energy, emotions and contrasts. They promise: It will be a party. It will be ONAIR.

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