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The lunch concerts are ideal for working people who want to relax with chamber music during their lunch break, and for music-interested tourists who want to recover from sightseeing, for all those who shy away from a late drive home after the evening concert, or for all those who want to experience the musicians:inside once away from "official" concert events.

Philharmonie Berlin, Außenansicht
Philharmonie Berlin, Außenansicht © visitBerlin, Foto Uwe Steinert

Massa Trio:
  • Omar Massa Bandoneon
  • Markus Däunert violin
  • Kim Barbier piano
Performed works:

Astor Piazzolla
Michelangelo 70 (arrangement for bandoneon, violin and piano)

Astor Piazzolla
Suite del Ángel: Milonga del Ángel

Astor Piazzolla
Suite del Ángel: La muerte del Ángel

Astor Piazzolla

Omar Massa
Buenos Aires Resonances

Omar Massa
Buenos Aires Ritual

Omar Massa
Tango Legacy

Omar Massa
Negro Liso

Omar Massa
Tango Meditation n1

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Participating artists
Omar Massa (Komponist/in)
Astor Piazzolla (Komponist/in)
Massa Trio
Kim Barbier
Markus Däunert
Omar Massa
Philharmonie Berlin