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MitMachAusstellung 2022

Sixty children from five Berlin daycare centers researched what it means to grow old. With photographs, films, stories, dances, movements, paintings and drawings, they explored aging in workshops.

MitMachAusstellung 2022, OMA, OPA + ICH
MitMachAusstellung 2022, OMA, OPA + ICH © Foto Emma K. Labahn, 2021 - © Mit allen Sinnen lernen e. V.

The exhibition enables a playful-aesthetic exploration of the phenomenon of aging. It aims to arouse curiosity and fascination and sensitizes in dealing with intergenerativity, interculturality and individual biographies.

The OLD in this case are above all the grandparents. The exhibition therefore asks: grandma and grandpa... who are they anyway? Does every child have grandparents? How does it feel to have them living in a different place? Do they even speak a different language? And how can families keep in touch with each other even over long distances?

  • The exhibition is suitable for children up to 3rd grade,
  • A visit is only possible with registration.
Additional information
  • Opening hours Tue to Fri 9 am - 1 pm for daycare groups and school classes (up to 3rd grade). Only with advance reservation!
  • Family Sundays: Publication of the dates via website. Only with advance reservation!
  • Admission 3 Euro/person; families: 8 Euro (2 adults + max. 3 children)
  • Registration + Info Tel.: 030 89390730, info[at],