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The popular children's story "Nutcracker" has also become a world classic of ballet on the dance and stage floors. As Christmassy as the smell of baked apples or the glitter of tinsel, the story never fails to enrapture young and old alike.

Russische Ballettfestival Moskau
Russische Ballettfestival Moskau © Klassik Konzert Dresden GmbH & Co. KG

First performed in 1892, the piece is one of the legendary "Tchaikovsky-Petipa ballets" and is undoubtedly one of the most beloved ballet classics.

The story of little Marie, who is given a nutcracker by her uncle Drosselmeier on Christmas Eve and dreams that it will turn into a fairy-tale prince, fascinates every year anew.

The thrilling battle of the tin soldier against the Mouse King, or the journey through the magical world enchant children and take adults back to their childhood.

The fairy-tale staging by Petipa and the incomparable music by Tchaikovsky create a perfection on stage in the interplay of choreography and composition.

Let yourself be inspired and drawn along by the art of telling a story with the help of dance and music.

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