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Slow down and take a breath. Spend your Sunday indulging all of your senses. Nurture your mind, body, and soul while healing sound waves take you on a journey.

The centrepiece of Nou:shh is ambient, deep listening music including performances by Gin & Tonic aka Eli Verveine and Gwenan with an improvised live session, the finest selections from DJ LostO.N.A. & Richard Akingbehin will debut their improvised hybrid live set, and Sarah Wreath will present ‘Sounds And Vibrations,’ a fusion of a Chao Gong and an electronic live setup.

Klipschorns, a hi-fi sound system, accompany us. Silence and attentive listening are essential in order to foster acoustic awareness and facilitate an inner journey toward personal and collective progress.

Nutritious food and a tea bar with various fragrant blends are provided to soothe the soul. While incense and conscious practices create a peaceful ambience that helps you to unwind. To top it all off, massages will be offered to put you in a completely relaxed state of mind. Come with us on our voyage and feel rejuvenated.

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