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Artists Nina Beier and Bob Kil have developed a collaborative approach to the performativity of objects, bodies and contexts, exploring the interconnectedness and mutual influence between them. 

On September 16 and 17, Haus am Waldsee will showcase All Fours at its lakeside, featuring five majestic marble lions draped with home textiles such as bath mats, towels, rags, and blankets. Standing in a close formation, the lions are framed by a group of performers who bring the inanimate sculptures to life through a carefully choreographed sequence of slow, synchronized equestrian movements. While the creatures pay tribute to the afterlife of monuments and serve as a testament to humanity’s illusion of dominion over the natural world, the series of minimal gestures depict the instinctive urge to interact with the insentient objects displayed in public spaces, recontextualising a landscape of found actions and objects. Through this juxtaposition, All Fours reveals the collective and accumulative logic behind the production of commodities and the symbolism they convey.

The sculptural part of All Fours is currently on view in the park.
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