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What does 1948/49 have to do with the present (or not)

75 years ago, the Berlin Blockade and the resulting Berlin Airlift were the first high point of the Cold War. The building of the Wall and the Cuban Missile Crisis were just two of the many other events until the “Cold War” finally ended around 30 years ago.

However, with the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, scenarios of nuclear escalation have become relevant again and the “New Cold War” is often spoken of. The debate over the interpretation of key events of the Cold War such as the airlift has also become more heated. Is the public representation of history caught up in the current situation in Europe? Are we really experiencing a new Cold War that now threatens to escalate into broader military conflicts?

With: Prof. Dr. Bernd Greiner (Hamburg) / Jürgen Lillteicher (Allied Museum)

Welcome: Anna Lena Joisten (Tempelhof Projekt GmbH)

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Location: In the “Check In” visitor center next to the former main entrance to the Tempelhof departure hall.

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Meeting point: In the "Check In" visitor center next to the former main entrance of the Tempelhof departure hall.

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