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Ndlovu Youth Choir – pure enthusiasm! From the dusty streets of Elandsdoorn to the glittering stages of the world. Experience the incredible energy and immersive sounds of the Ndlovu Youth Choir, an outstanding professional ensemble that has become an international sensation

The choir from South Africa has had an unprecedented career in recent years and has delighted people all over the world. From a leisure project for disadvantaged children in the rural township of Elandsdoorn in South Africa, this choir - supported from the start by the Hugo Tempelman Foundation - developed into a great success.

The Ndlovu Youth Choir was formed in 2009 as part of the Ndlovu Care Group's children's empowerment program.
Children of difficult social backgrounds and prognosis should be given meaningful employment in their lives. The idea is as simple as it is effective: if you want to sing well and loudly, you have to stand up straight and lift your head. This proud attitude alone helps to increase self-esteem. The choir director Ralf Schmitt recognized and encouraged the talent and potential of these children from the very beginning.

Ndlovu Youth Choir
A musical experience that touches hearts!

A unique mixture of traditional African rhythms, modern pop music and breathtaking dance routines are the hallmarks of this ensemble. The young singers will inspire you with their impressive vocal power and their dancing skills. Look forward to an evening full of emotions and joie de vivre!

Ndlovu Youth Choir – young ambassadors of a united Africa

In South Africa they have achieved status as bearers of joy and hope to the entire nation. Here the Ndlovu Youth Choir is regarded as the “young ambassadors of a united Africa”. They won the hearts of audiences worldwide with their participation in the American super show America's Got Talent. Here they made it into the top ten.

Get your tickets now for the performance of the Ndlovu Youth Choir and experience a musical experience full of hope and inspiration!


"There is Joy in the World" New York Times

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