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The Good Live Tour

For the band My Ugly Clementine, which is prominently cast from Viennese music circles, things always go on cheerfully. With shows at the Primavera Festival in Barcelona, sold out shows in Vienna and support shows in France, Germany and Switzerland, My Ugly Clementine 2022 got off to a brilliant start in the next chapter of their young band history.

While her music moves between indie, pop and garage rock revival, her lyrics are shaped by feminist discourses, empowerment and equality.

On their debut album "Vitamin C" (2020), the stylistic and thematic orientation was so successful that the umbrella organization of European indie labels Impala named it "Album Of The Year". The band had previously received an Amadeus Austrian Music Award and the title "Band of the Year" 2020 from radio station FM4.

Now My Ugly Clementine is coming to Berlin on her first European tour entitled "The Good Live".

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