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End of the season 2022/23 - open air if the weather is nice

Swing, swing, swing with the Hermlins! Do you still remember - the now legendary live streams during the pandemic from the living room of jazz musician and band leader Andrej Hermlin? Always authentic, always passionate - in a changing line-up, with a refreshing pinch of humor in this difficult time, especially for artists.

But what is a live stream compared to a "real" concert in front of an audience, where the musicians immediately feel and experience the reaction of the visitors and don't have to wait for entries in the comments column on YouTube...

Look forward to a musical experience of the extra class - with American swing of the 30s and 40s.

A real treat and a must - not just for all swing fans!

"I believe in the original. I believe in the bands of the 30's, in their sound, in their elegance. Music is not only heard, it is also seen!”

Andrei Hermlin
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