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Together with the guides, the short 30-minute tours in Farsi offer insights into Wolf Biermann's life and work from a cultural-historical perspective.

در تورهای 30 دقیقه ای به فارسی و عربی ، می توانید به همراه یک راهنما، با زندگی و دوران کاری وولف بیرمن از زاویه دیدی فرهنگی – تاریخی آشنا شوید

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Price info: You need a ticket for the Lond Night of Museums to enter.

Booking: Tickets will be available on the Long Night of Museums website from 31 July 2023 as well as in the Tourist Infos from visitBerlin. On August 26, additional tickets are available in all participating museums.

31 July to 13 August: € 12, reduced € 1014 to 26 August: € 18, reduced € 12Children under 12 have free admission

Tickets are valid in all participating museums and on the shuttle buses for the Long Night of Museums.