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From August 25th to 27th, art, culture and humanity will be combined in an inspiring symbiosis at the Motanka Festival. The program includes three concerts with a total of 12 artist groups, ten DJ sets, 12 presentations by renowned artists and experts, film screenings, three stand-up shows, five creative workshops especially for children, art auctions and a photo exhibition.

More than 70 artists and fashion designers, as well as 10 social and business initiatives, participate in this charity event, named after the traditional Ukrainian rag doll.
This doll, called motanka, has symbolized protection, happiness and harmony in Ukrainian culture for centuries. It is a living testimony to the cultural richness of the region.

This special event is designed and implemented by Mizelium e.V., an international organization committed to positive social change.

The organizers of the festival aim not only to celebrate the diverse European culture, but also to promote understanding and connection between people from different backgrounds. The festival creates an inclusive environment where people can come together to share.

The Motanka Festival is committed to raising awareness of social and humanitarian issues through artistic performances and presentations.

In addition, it should promote artistic cooperation and networking between different actors and groups. The proceeds from the art auctions and donations are intended to provide direct financial support to non-profit organizations and projects. This makes the festival a place of inspiration, cultural connection and social engagement.

Excerpt of the line-up:

Artists/Performers: Tamada, reggae pop, Dudu Dudunia, Quest Pistols, Nowa Wave, Hamermann

Artists photo exhibition: Diana Andrunik, Orest

Speakers: Prof. Andree Portnov (Viadrina University), Prof. Igor Kakolewski (Center for Historical Research Berlin), Christian Kirsch (International Delphic Council), Marcus Welsch, Dr. Hubertus Glaser (Valfair International c/o DEUGE e.V.), Paul Borgetto, Frank Wilde

Fashion designers: Bob Basset, ECCENTR1C, POHUY, Jean Gritsfeldt

MC: Ivan Ionov
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