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Mokoomba are the shooting stars of Africa. When the six musicians from Zimbabwe enter the stage and put the audience in ecstasy, the earth shakes. At their concerts, Mokoomba leaves no visitor standing still, but thrills with the energy of African rhythms, the unique vocals of frontman Mathias Muzaza and the concentrated power of melodic and exotic harmonies. The band transports its audience to other worlds and tells stories of Africa and Zimbabwe and its rituals.

Since the release of their breakthrough album "Rising Tide" in 2012, Mokoomba's blend of traditional rhythms and contemporary zamrock has been thrilling the music scene and taking the world by storm at major festivals such as Roskilde, Womad, Sziget and North Sea Jazz. After their last, acoustic album "Luyando" in 2016, Mokoomba 2023 returns with their powerful new album "TUSONA" - a sound that is second to none!

Their uniqueness and passion for music has been rewarded many times, including winning the Music Crossroads Southern Africa Award for Best Newcomer Band in 2008, the Songlines "Best Newcomer" Award in 2013, and Songlines' Top of the World Album Award in 2018.

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