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Forty six views of Berlin

The Holocaust confronts us with voids, gaps and blind spots of unprecedented magnitude. How does one deal with a vacuum in the Berlin cityscape?

There is a danger of displacing these voids, of trying to replace what is missing with something new and representative, but this can at best mask and visually conceal the gaps.

In 2004/05, the two photographers Martin Mühlhoff (*1969) and Christian Vossiek (*1969) embarked on an artistic search for the traces of 46 Berlin synagogues, most of which were destroyed in 1938 or demolished after the end of the war, with the photo project "Missing Synagogues".

Where exactly were they located and how were their sites, the empty spaces, spatially filled? Through the lens of the large-format camera, MMartin Mühlhoff and Christian Vossiek record the circumstantial evidence and documents of the destruction.

With analytical distance, in precise, technically perfect shots, they direct their objectifying photographic perspective on what is or was visible. In doing so, they dispense entirely with dramatic perspectives and alienation. Always devoid of people, they convey history and stories without further narratives.

Dr. Jens-Ole Rey, Artistic Director Gotisches Haus Spandau

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